3 things I learned from being hospitalised by a Bear

bear grrrr 1

Today I took to an adventure theme park with the wife and our 2 children.

I decided to pick a fight with a 10 foot Bear in a Shoryuken-Ryu-Streetfighter-styley.

I came off worse for wear.

I hit the Bears chin full force with my shoryuken attack, gashed my knuckle (to the bone no less) and went to Hospital for treatment.

3 life lessons have been learned that I feel we can all benefit from hence in this cathartic sharing piece de resistance…

1/ Do not pick a fight with a Bear

2/ Do not be an idiot and try to re-enact that super difficult Street Fighter move on a Bear with an iron chin

3/ Do not take your eye of your goal. i.e. become distracted by other things and miss your true goal (in this case it was 1 cm to the left of the Bears chin)

That is all.

bear grrrr 2

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