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TETO vs Hallway Testing A Comparison

TETO vs Hallway Testing: A Comparison

I’m not sure if you got the memo, but testing is not just an option but a necessity. Speeding your way past testing is likely a horror story waiting to happen, and a future cautionary tale at best. It’s the compass that guides strategies, helping professionals navigate through the vast ocean of consumer behaviour and…

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5 impacts of AI in Financial Services

I’ve spoken at/ been involved in a few AI conferences previously and have taken much from the presentations and discussions. …For this post I’m focusing on the top 5 impacts of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to the future of Financial Services: 1/ customer service  KPMG have published research around AI making ‘Banking invisible’ where ‘enlightened virtual assistants’ replace employees…

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6 Digital & Marketing trends for 2019

Note 1: I’ve not missed 5G, VR, edge computing, cloud connectivity, blah, blah, blah however I do not think these areas will impact Marketing/ Digital during 2019 much more than they have in 2018.   Note 2: I’ve omitted obvious trends such as ‘dark social will offer challenges over social ROI’, ‘the big search/video/ social platforms…

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