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Fugle innovation model

Innovation Model

I was asked in a recent meeting what was my approach to innovation. That’s quite a question to answer in a simple blog post! As a result I will not try to do it(!) however will post about a business flow I’ve employed previously… Innovation models can vary depending on many factors (mission, vision, values,…

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Multi Click Attribution Modelling

multi click attribution

I always recommend to brands whom I consult with that they should move from a last click tracking mentality to one that ascertains value across the sales funnel.

The first question that should be asked by brands (but is rarely asked strangely enough) is why bother? Most ‘experts’ give clients very broad reasoning hence I thought it pertinent to give you some exact reasons why you should evolve from a last click wins tracking methodology to a multi click attribution model.

Good Trust

I was featured on The Candidate blog and thought I’d repost for my own readership… Trust forms the basis of human interactions and is fundamental in all successful relationships; most certainly for eCommerce where trust forms the simple interaction of value exchange (often an online payment in return for a product). If you then couple trust…

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Global Marketing Awards Judge

It’s an honour to announce that I will be judging the Global Marketing Awards 2021 …The Global Marketing Awards recognize, reward and celebrate marketing agencies and most innovative campaigns across all marketing channels globally. Go to their site to enter now.  

Messy Middle

I was at a Google event today in Leeds and whilst I found several areas of interest the one that stood out to me was ‘The Messy Middle’ (note: this does not relate to the messy middle book by Scott Belsky; vaguely related though not the same) …Google’s own research found that while brand remains…

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