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Multi Click Attribution Modelling

multi click attribution

I always recommend to brands whom I consult with that they should move from a last click tracking mentality to one that ascertains value across the sales funnel.

The first question that should be asked by brands (but is rarely asked strangely enough) is why bother? Most ‘experts’ give clients very broad reasoning hence I thought it pertinent to give you some exact reasons why you should evolve from a last click wins tracking methodology to a multi click attribution model.

Northern Marketing Awards Judge

It’s an honour to announce that I will be judging the Northern Marketing Awards for 2020. …Awards that celebrate the excellence, creativity and achievements of the marketing industry in the North. Dates to pencil in:Entry deadline – 4th SeptemberShortlist announcement – 1st OctoberAwards Ceremony – 4th November For more details on how to enter visit…

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Global Digital Excellence Awards Judge

It’s an honour to announce that I will be judging the virtual Global Digital Excellence Awards …a virtual awards that unites business and celebrates excellence when we need it most during these unprecedented times. Dates to pencil in: Entry deadline – May 29th Shortlist announcement – June 12th Virtual Event – June 23rd …..Enter the…

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V.U.C.A & Digital Transformation

I attended a Digital Marketing masterclass today and there was a brief mention pertaining to V.U.C.A (volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity) and living in V.U.C.A times (everything from Brexit > #fakenews). It made me think how we can embrace Digital to ‘deal with’ V.U.C.A, capitalise on opportunities, overcome the competition and maximise the value creation…

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5 impacts of AI in Financial Services

I’ve spoken at/ been involved in a few AI conferences previously and have taken much from the presentations and discussions. …For this post I’m focusing on the top 5 impacts of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to the future of Financial Services: 1/ customer service  KPMG have published research around AI making ‘Banking invisible’ where ‘enlightened virtual assistants’ replace employees…

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