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TETO vs Hallway Testing A Comparison

TETO vs Hallway Testing: A Comparison

I’m not sure if you got the memo, but testing is not just an option but a necessity. Speeding your way past testing is likely a horror story waiting to happen, and a future cautionary tale at best. It’s the compass that guides strategies, helping professionals navigate through the vast ocean of consumer behaviour and…

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The Differences Between Last-Click Attribution and Data Driven Attribution in Marketing Analytics

Understanding how your customers interact with your brand across various touchpoints is crucial. This knowledge allows marketers to optimise their campaigns and allocate resources more effectively. However, attributing a conversion to a single interaction can be a complex task. Two commonly used models in this regard are Last-Click Attribution and Data Driven Attribution. Last-Click Attribution,…

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Google Killer?

OpenAI’s ChatGPT recent launch success and last night’s broadly unsuccessful launch of Bard by Google prompted me to write this article.   Is ChapGPT a Google Killer? Spoiler alert = NO.   ChatGPT might not be a Google Killer though it is a brilliant natural language processing model allowing it to generate text that appears…

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