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SAScon 2011 SEO tools


After just getting back from a good 2 day SAScon (Search Analytics Social conference) I have decided to put pen to paper on Search Muse before I forget everything.

Whilst I might not have digested a plethora of new SEO techniques it is good to know I’m ‘keeping up with the Jones’ and I did find several new tools to have a play with.

google search

Search Engines are CRM systems of opportunity

As part of the McCann WorldGroup I was invited to attend a rather exclusive conference in the week at McCann Manchester that consisted of several high profile speakers including representatives from London 2012 Olympics, Facebook, Apple and Google.

If I find time I will blog about my interesting chat with the Facebook chap however this post will be about the Google presentation.

Whilst the presentation did not live up to the name of ‘the future of google’ it did make me think about future company search strategy.

Broadly the Google presentation was about moving direct response on.

Why Google +1 will fail

Google today released a new product called the +1 button. It follows on the heels of other, less mainstream search developments, such as the personal SERPS block list Chrome extension and Google Search Wiki, and is essentially a Facebook like button for search.

Top 10 SEO social media ranking factors

seo social media ranking factorsWhilst Social Media ranking factors do not massively affect where you rank in the search engine result pages (SERPS) at present, (I concur with the chart above, courtesy of a seomoz survey, where they asked leading webmasters as to what factors they saw affecting SEO) the impact social media has on SEO will grow significantly over the coming years.

searchmuse Pacman seo

Pacman SEO Infograph

 pacman seo infograph

In celebration of the 30th anniversary playable Google Doodle…


….and of the fact it’s in my top 10 games of all time (the other 9: Operation Wolf, Street Fighter II Turbo, Super Mario Kart, Duck Hunt, Space Invaders, R-Type, Track and Field, Double Dragon and Frogger) I thought it only right that a modern day ode to the game was created.