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The 5V’s of Digital Innovation

Note: Image above adapted from Excelacom A popular concept for explaining Big Data is that of the 4V’s (Velocity, Volume, Variety & Veracity). However to evolve this in to a more rounded concept to aid Digital Innovation (as Data, in some form, drives much of Digital Innovation) we need to look at the 5V’s (Velocity, Volume, […]

HINGE for Digital Transformation

I studied a mini MBA in Digital Innovation this year and have been introduced to a solid project planning pattern for digital transformation from the professors (Heinze A; Griffiths M; Fenton A; Fletcher G – 2018). The HINGE digital transformation project plan follows 5 broad stages: Horizon scanning, Internal Audit, New models, Gap Analysis & Evaluation of […]

7 take outs from Google Madrid #drivedigital2017

Last week I attended a 2 day Google event in Madrid aimed at CEO’s, start up’s and certain Digital practitioners from across 22 countries. The event covered Digital strategy > action covering disciplines such as becoming more agile, start up mind-set, tracking and digital acquisition channels. As means of a summary here are the 7 key takeout’s […]

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