Cross Device tracking will revolutionise Mobile Marketing Spend

By Paul Morris

Cross device tracking in analytics is coming and I bet it hits in October.

Built on the back of the new Universal Analytics platform and its ability to track users across multiple sessions + devices; Cross Device Measurement is basically Multi Channel Funnels for devices.

…Which is quite simply Awesome!

In practice cross device measurement relies on a User ID (so ties together cid’s and creates a ‘master’ uid) parameter. This results in Universal Analytics giving us a much better understanding of how visitors use multiple devices to access your content and ultimately result in a lead/ sale. E.g. instead of seeing 3 users (mobile, tablet and laptop/ desktop) you just see 1 and the path that person took to conversion.

Important segway note: The person has to be BIG G logged in hence you are probably looking at high single digit % of people that do that. I still think this % will generally be statistically significant hence you can draw conclusions about the rest of your traffic (and bet Google will do that for you in the interface).

So therefore cross device tracking gives us a picture of multiple-devices and how they’re used by your users and how in turn they contribute to your overall sales/ leads and revenue.

A view of how cross device measurement will look:
cross device retargeting
…And what I like about this very process is that you could start to utilise PPR retargeting in a much more intelligent fashion across platforms. e.g. The individual has visited you on a mobile, laptop and tablet hence could be seen as a hot lead thus you might be willing to pay more to retarget that individual to seal the deal OR retarget the individual with different messages across each platform.

So you thought mobile never converted ‘anyone’ did you (as you were tracking from last click & via cid’s in silos)? Well think again when approaching the question of whether you should spend on mobile advertising from a multi click attribution cross device stance!

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2nd October update: And yesterday it, in part, hit with ‘estimated total conversions’ 

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