Paul is being a great support to our Personal Care business. We have worked together to bring to our organisation the best practices around the Globe in different industries that fit to our business objectives, enabling our Global and Regional teams across categories to integrate these best practices in our day to day business.

Pedro Bascones

Global Personal Care Category Director - PZ Cussons

Paul embodies digital excellence in everything he does and possesses a mastery of his function. He is a well respected external speaker and networker and this enables him to stay at the forefront of this rapidly evolving area. Paul is a passionate, committed and highly energetic leader and he creates momentum around new thinking, delivery and change. Paul is an invaluable asset for any business looking to step change its digital agenda.

Tim Perman

Global Category & Brand Director - PZ Cussons

Paul is an absolute expert in terms of knowledge and skill in Digital space. While we worked together, he has been instrumental in getting 'fit for purpose' digital solutions for the different brand teams across PZ Cussons. Paul is also a tremendous team player and his infectious energy makes him a great person to work with in a team.

Balachandran Jayachandran

Global Personal Care Category Director - PZ Cussons

Paul is one of the most visionary leaders I have worked for. He is driven and consistently looks for innovative ways to drive digital effectiveness in the business. Paul has a wealth of experience and along with his enthusiasm for digital, I feel that he is someone that I can learn a lot from.

John Purchese

Digital Marketing and Capability Executive - PZ Cussons

Paul has a genuine passion for digital marketing and is continually driving the agenda for emerging trends. He always makes himself available to share his vast amount of knowledge - a truly inspiring mentor. There is never a dull moment when Paul is around and I highly recommend that you take the opportunity to work with him.

Rachel Rowe

Digital Marketing at The Co-op Group

Paul is great Mentor from Princes Trust and wants to help as much is possible with all tasks. He is very keen to get work done and organize, I would certainly recommend Paul as a Mentor to anyone who work hard and need help not only in Marketing or Social Media as Paul can do much more than that. Thank you Paul for Everything

Adam Psenicka

Mentee at the Princes Trust (Finest Wines UK)

Paul is one of the most dedicated, efficient and intelligent colleagues I've had the good fortune to work with. His attention to detail, energy and good nature under pressure are second to non. Paul was a big loss to the business when he moved on I missed his input enormously.

Dave Kirkwood

Designer, Brand Consultant and Lecturer in Design

Paul uses the word ‘awesome’ rather a lot! Awesome though is how I would describe Paul’s knowledge of digital media! Really helped me in my role with the Co-op. Great to see him growing into his new role with the business. Great digital expertise, great leader and a top bloke! Highly recommended

Mark Hales

Interim Group Head of E-commerce at MAG (Airports Group)

Paul is an energetic and passionate individual. I admire his strong sense of purpose and personal values. Paul added value to the Paymex online strategy and I now employ his services at the agency where he is currently employed.

Kate O'Brien

Group Marketing Director at Daisy Group Limited

Paul brought so much energy to this role. He stayed on top of digital developments during a fast-changing period in online marketing. His output of ideas was tremendous and, unlike many managers who cannot delegate, he promoted an experimental ethos and a culture of ownership amongst the team.

Mark Churchill

Digital Marketer at Momentum Financial Technology

Three words to describe Paul; Inspirational Digital Guru. Paul inspired me to take my Digital Marketing career at Co-op Bank from zero to managing the Co-op Bank digital marketing department in the space of 3 years. I was always amazed and admired his drive to push his academic knowledge, his massive appetite to test new digital platforms, innovate and his ability to become a practitioner and not just a Digital thought leader. His ability to make work fun and his mind-set made changing my marketing career direction from traditional media to focus purely on digital marketing an absolute pleasure and a privilege. The energy, leadership and positivity is something I aspire to and would love the chance to work with Paul again in the future… Alexa how do I get a job working with Mr Morris again!

Andy Buckley

Digital Marketing Manager

I've worked with Paul at the Co-op Group for the past 4 years. One of the nicest and most knowledgeable digital guys I've met. He's continually supported me and offer invaluable advice and help from everything to PPC & SEO, to content marketing, social and retargeting. The team he grew at the Co-op Group, especially the SEO, have done wonders for the Co-op Funeralcare and he's been instrumental in helping me drive our digital marketing forward. There are not many people you want to stay in touch with when you stop working with them, but Paul is definitely one of them. I'm going to miss working so closely together!

Jason Guy

Digital Marketing Manager at The Co-operative Funeralcare

Paul is a true digital marketing expert. He’s knowledgeable on all channels across the mix, passionate about the role digital plays in people’s lives and a believer in the role digital can – and must – play in the organisation. He sees beyond digital for its own sake and is able to flip straight from technical detail (which he loves!) into wider thinking, pinpointing how digital can complement a wider comms strategy. But more than this, Paul is a leader. He has a clear vision for himself and for his team, looks beyond his remit to see how we can support the wider business and spots opportunities others would miss. Paul has played a key role in helping my team during a time of transition: collaborating on a strategy to keep our comms and development work on track, proactively highlighting opportunities to improve effectiveness of food digital and offering crucial challenge and debate to our plans.

Sam Walker

Head of Marketing Campaigns at The Co-operative Group (Food)

I sat with Paul on the same board whilst at Yucca. His sheer energy and enthusiasm for anything online related coupled with a highly astute commercial awareness is something I have yet to see in any other digital professional I have encountered. He is highly personable, fun to work with and has that Entrepreneurial spirit that is constantly seeking out opportunity either from existing methods of doing business or by pioneering new methods, made only possible as a result of the disruptive nature of the internet. We worked together on developing the agencies paid on performance marketing model long before it was mainstream with digital agencies. He is an amazing and formidable addition to any digital team.

Richie Jones

Md at vvast & CMO at TruffleShuffle

Its been a pleasure working with Paul on a number of projects, including SEO developments and digital media consultations. The buckets of energy and enthusiasm he brings to a project is a mixture of his love and expertise of all things digital (e.g. SEO, display & PPC) and the fact hes a genuinely nice chap (aka dude). If you ever want to discuss any aspect of digital marketing with Paul he will literally make time if physically possible weve often had lengthy discussions on areas such as digital strategy, mobile app optimization or the latest development in digital media (all of which he has usually already wrote about in his much plugged blog Every team needs a Paul.

James Wright

Senior Digital Producer at The White Agency

I first employed Paul many years ago when I owned Walsh Simmons and We reconnected a few months ago when Paul helped with my network of sites under the banner. He has always been a pleasure to work with and has helped with strategy formulation and traffic acquisition for my series of sites

Steve Walsh

Ideas and Concepts Developer - Ex CEO

Paul is hugely passionate about digital marketing and is considered an absolute expert in his field. Being able to tap into his extensive search, affiliate and display marketing knowledge was invaluable while working together at Yucca. Paul has a great balance of being able consistently deliver results whilst being a fun person to work with.

Chris Hay

Head of Search & Analytics at Vouchercloud (Invitation Digital LTD)

If you want to work with someone who has passion, knowledge and a drive to make everything better, then Paul is your man. In the short time that I have worked with him, I have learned more, and enjoyed my job more than I have in then the previous 2 years. His passion for all things digital is second to none and he will work all the hours god sends to ensure that everything he is connected to is a success. I cannot recommend Paul enough, if you get the chance to work with him then take it with both hands

Garry Hudson

Marketing at Klarna

I had the pleasure of working with Paul by providing high-quality content for a specific client's online campaign. I respected Paul so much, not only because of his technical and writing skills but also because of his people skills. Paul knows how to give constructive criticism when needed and appreciation when it's due. He was also great in giving instructions and was very open-minded - eager to listen to suggestions even from subordinates. I would be so happy if given the chance to work with Paul again.

May Avery

IT Support Specialist and Business Accounting Instructor at Everest Institute

Paul is an absolute delight to work with - as Manager he really knows his stuff. He is a detail oriented, strategic and innovative perfectionist who denotes a strong experience / skills in Search including SEO, PPC, Affiliate and Project Management. I wish him all the best!

Imran Khan

Head of Online at Paymex Group

Paul is a Digital hard core, he will know all the trends and development of the industry and assess the one which will be the most relevant. Testing to achieve success has reach a whole new level under Paul's direction. Working with Paul has been an eye opening experience.

Guillaume Perton

Head of Optimisation at PBF Solutions

Over the last 6 months I have worked very closely with Paul. Using his vast knowledge and experience to steer a large scale project. With the aim of sustaining current search positions and develop strategies to improve both knowledge and capability.

Carl Barlow

Owner - Digital Eyes Media

Paul was instrumental in developing Shire Hotels online marketing and making the all-important first successful steps into the world of ecommerce.

Emma Barber

Design and Marketing Executive

Paul's enthusiasm and energy for what he does is both inspiring and contagious. He is extremely knowledgeable in his area of expertise, having both breadth and depth in all things digital, search, marketing and so much more. In the ever evolving digital eco-system he seems to be able to stay ahead of the curve, always willing to share his knowledge to strengthen the collective. Results driven with a proven track-record and quite simply a really enjoyable and positive person to engage with.

Robyn van der Poel

Senior Software developer

Paul is a highly passionate digital marketer. He is particularly skilled in the areas of SEO and PPC and was always eager to share his thoughts and expertise with the wider digital teams. Paul's personal blog demonstrates that his strengths stretch beyond search marketing. He is very knowledgeable of the wider digital landscape and is able to strategically assess how the varying forms of digital activity should be harnessed to suit any KPI. Paul has been a pleasure to work with and I wish him all the very best in his next venture.

Chris Gough

Senior Account Manager at MediaCom North

I worked with Paul during his time at Yucca as the Search & Affiliate Director. From the beginning we had an immediate rapport, and I found it very easy to understand how these areas could be better applied, and how my field of web development could help facilitate this. I mainly worked with Paul to implement tracking solutions, though we frequently had discussions about search & affiliate marketing, and found that Paul taught me a lot about these areas in a pretty short space of time. I always found his instructions precise and easy to understand, and thoroughly enjoyed the time we spent together.

Karl Alesbury

.NET Contractor at Valldata

Paul is certainly a people person - he's outgoing, friendly, and easily engages with new people or join in conversations. As a manager he has always been fair and empowers the team to perform and meet objectives. He has an in-depth knowledge and keen interest on most things digital, including Search (SEO/PPC), affiliates, conversion optimisation and mobile.

Tino Triste

Senior SEO Manager at The Co-operative Group

Paul gets to the heart of what really matters in digital marketing: making more money out of the web. Despite already having an incredible knowledge of all aspects of the digital world hes always on the look out to learn more and predict the next big trend. His particular strengths lie in Affiliate and Search marketing, where his in-depth understanding of both PPC and SEO have seen him generate some outstanding results. Working with Paul is great fun, not only because hes extremely personable but also because of the performance he manages to achieve with each new campaign.

Edward Arnall-Culliford

Strategy Director at Search Star | Bath & Bristol

Paul has proven to be a powerhouse when it comes to Search Marketing, and played an important part in the digital marketing strategies of big name brands. His ability to integrate SEO with Social Media was second to none. Above all, it was a pleasure to work with him, always willing to provide assistance on any issue I needed help with.

Yousif Hussain

Social media specialist & Entrepreneur