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Source: Google Ventures Blog

I’m really liking Google’s way of ascertaining Delightful Digital Delivery (my DDD saying, not theirs, but it is essentially what Google is getting at) via the HEART framework and meeting their goals via the Goals-Signals-Metrics process.

As a result I thought I’d give a birds eye view of Google’s methodology.

First up….


Happiness – Measures user attitudes (satisfaction, perceived ease of use, etc) of your product via a survey

Engagement – Depth (frequency, intensity, or depth of interaction) of user involvement

Adoption – new users of a product or feature e.g new purchases, subscriptions or upgrades

Retention – The number of users remaining active over a period of time (or conversely your churn rate)

Task Success – The workflow to complete a certain task and measured using 3XE’s (Efficiency, Effectiveness and Error rate)

And next….


After identifying objectives and quality check and balances we need to outline goals, signals and metrics

Goals – Create a small/concise set of goals to focus activity on (these will vary dependent on the feature or product being HEART-ed)

Signals – What does success/failure look like?!

Metrics – Track these bad boys over time to determine if you have achieved your goals (avoid ‘interesting stats’ and perhaps even go so far as One Metric that Matters = mentioned in my Lean Enterprise article)

Working Framework:

smart framework

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