Word of Mouth

By Paul Morris
I happened across a rather nice Word Of Mouth study recently that’s worth sharing.

Keller Fay’s TalkTrack word of mouth measurement programme analyses over 250,000 brand conversations annually and it’s recent 2011 UK study showed:

  • The average British consumer discusses approximately 10 brands per day
  • 81% of word of mouth takes place face-to-face, 10% is via phone and only 9% is online
  • Around 2/3 of conversations about brands are “mostly positive,” with slightly over 1/3 of word of mouth with an active recommendation to buy or try
  • Food/dining and media/entertainment were the top two categories discussed

The stand out stat for me was the number of online recommendations being below 10%. It just shows that whilst my bread and butter is digital marketing you absolutely have to pay attention to offline word of mouth as it is so powerful for brand building and sales.