10C Digital Strategy Framework

Strategically direct your Company and Craft your Brands in an increasingly Connected world with my 10C Digital Strategy Framework

Note 1: This is my ‘generic digital’ framework. With each business I work with this is tailored to suit e.g additional C’s, some C’s removed & some C’s having more or less priority than others.

Note 2: This area is complex/ I could write a thesis on it hence for more information contact me

Note 3: Larger version of the 10C Digital Strategy Framework

Company Objectives & Consumer

Ensure the Consumer and Company objectives are at the centre of everything you do (see my Customer engagement cycle for more on this). Simplify Consumer journey complexity. Understand where your Company/ Brands should be present, how to engage and deliver against consumer need + want. There is also a great need to integrate Digital Solutions and adopt Agile WoW with tech/ Product teams.


Digital Marketing > Social Media optimisation and personalisation to maximise relevant reach and engagement via your media channel mix (see my customer lifestage for more on this)


Segment, target and communicate effectively by bringing brand/ proposition stories to life by building one-to-one engagement in the ‘moments that matter’ (see my Google summary on ‘micro moments that matter’ for more on this)

(E)Commerce and Multi Channel

Engage effectively from browsing > researching > Converting > rating > iterate > LTV optimisation on Ecommerce (whether that be on our own D2C platforms or on other eretailer & etailer channels) and ensure Digital is optimised in your multi channel mix.


Listen, engage & delight with the communities your target/ actual consumers are in.


Marketing campaigns, backed by Digital Solutions development, to promote/ engage/ sell your products

Capability + Culture + Connection

Develop digital bench strength throughout your company, Product and Service digitisation enabled by business process re-engineering and data connectivity


By enabling the other Celements of the 10C framework you should then drive innovation and business growth from Digital for the entire Company. Areas such as bespoke Digital products/ services, Venture division and start up partnerships therefore should encircle your Omnichannel mix.

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