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3 good digital marketing freelance resources

By Paul Morris
These 3 resources are a great way of hiring freelancers for one man band’s all the way up to a bolstering resource at global Marketing agencies (I have used them at both ends of the spectrum). Do not be conned into thinking digital agencies have everything in house; many outsource work and take the credit whilst at the same time maximising profit and minimising overheads, staff cost and business risk.

So what are these freelance resources used for? Well they empower you to do anything you like online! As an example I have utilised these freelance ‘knocking shops’ to create: landing pages, logos, infographics, niche article/ content creation, charactertures, you tube video creation, translate and negotiate a Japanese site purchase and build websites.

So my top 3 freelance resources are: ­

The best way to learn about these services is to sign up and play around with the interface however here is a job I posted on ODesk to give you an idea of the detail you need to provide for freelancers to pitch for your job. There are several tips for successful tendering in these interfaces however as this is an overview post I will save those for another time.


Please do not leave this article thinking good agencies and trusted, locally sourced talent is now redundant due to these global talent pools. They are not.

ODesk, People Per Hour and 99 Designs are great for certain jobs (examples given above) however I would not utilise these resources if I were about to build a website, engage in a rebranding exercise, manage my international PPC campaigns, obtain truly innovative digital marketing ideas/ strategy, etc for a recognised brand with respectable budgets. Simply use these resources to bolster your digital marketing toolkit rather than in replacing your existing suppliers entirely.