Alignment with Google in Zurich


Yesterday I attended a full day of sessions with Google in there new Zurich headquarters.


The event was titled “Together for responsible innovation” and there were 3 key takeaways:


1/ Energy + Efficiency.

There is a real focus from Google on being environmentally friendly and becoming fully carbon neutral by 2030. From renewable power partnerships > ensuring their IT/ data centres are efficient > the small things such as eco friendly lanyards + monitors being on standby.


2/ People First.

Company values and culture are fundamental to Google and it was clearly seen in their Diversity, Equity and inclusion (DEI) pledge. It was also clear that this gave Google an advantage = a better business > better innovations. An initiative that we particularly liked was the #iamremarkable movement that they enabled.


3/ Leveraging data.
A fascinating 1 hour session headlined the event from Avinash Kaushik (a living legend in the world of data and analytics; pictured above).


The focus was around closing ‘the last mile gap’ and in adopting a more test and learn approach (POC’s = Proof Of Concepts) to advertising. There is a real need to ensure businesses are measuring the right KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) to create a relevant impact matrix that measures > analyses > improves what is truly important.


Key for me was ‘measuring what matters’ and moving to a data enabled business with the help of areas such as real time Tableau/Power BI/GA4 reports.


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