Adwords image extensions

By Paul Morris
This week Google added another ad extension to its repertoire; Adwords Image Extensions.

Adwords Image Extensions allow you to “show and tell with search ads” i.e. a dash of fuzzy wuzzy evocative imagery with a pinch of editorial and a splash of branding

Essentially this hedonistic cocktail of branding and DR messaging allows you to add 3 images to your Google PPC text ads and are particularly of use for marketers who cannot use PLA’s (as by default they do not have MPN’s/ UPI’s to utilise).

I imagine adwords image extensions will heighten CTR and QS and possibly even aid Conversion Rate, though they will likely increase CPC’s for position 1 (as image extension only show for those in numero uno).

This visual sexual explosion in the SERPS (or is it just SERP clutter?) will also likely lead to fewer clicks on the organic listings and it does not take a genius to think these will be made larger or extended beyond position 1 in due course if they prove to be a hit.

Note: Do not hold your breath in seeing them at present as they are currently only showing for circa 1% of searches

All in all then a nice extension for those with deep pockets and the fortitude to test test test (images, image combinations with different ad text, whether the ROI is better than standard ads, etc)

Here are some screen shots of adwords image extensions in the wild.

adwords image extension ads phone

adwords image extensions example hotels

adwords image extensions
And if you’re after the official lowdown visit the Google adwords image extensions post¬†

And if you’re interested in signing up visit the Image extensions interest form

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