apple tv

Apple TV Future

By Paul Morris

I’m a dad. I love being a dad. I love being a dad as I get to experience true unconditional love and, more importantly, I get presents on Father’s Day!

My present this year was Apple TV which will form the theme for this post…

On sitting back and musing about my shiny black hockey puck of digital enabling love I was impressed with not only its current features (limited yet the master in its field) but also the devices potential.

First and foremost it’s a great media streamer. Photos can be easily viewed in 42” high def. My son can watch back to back Peppa Pig streamed from my hard drive, my wife and I can also sit down of an evening and rent the latest movie and when she has gone to bed I can watch the greatest Judo paractitioners from You Tube. It should also prove great for evening soiree’s as not only can I call upon my entire Itunes library but my friends can also beam their sordid Tunes of bass-e-ness to the device via AirPlay.

On the topic of AirPlay I see this feature, and Apple’s ability to unite digital platforms, as Apple’s Trojan horse into our lives.

Not only is AirPlay aiding social interaction with soiree sharing but it will also prove to be a massive living room gaming enabler. As the video above showcases imagine dual screening where your ipad becomes your controller and second screen. In an age where cheap 5 minute fun gaming rules the forthcoming Nintendo Wii-U really looks doomed if Apple TV choose to outmanoeuvre it in the gaming department.

If Apple sort out their infrastructure and enable instant app gratification (no barrier of purchase/ password/ download) and then enable/ optimise apps for Apple TV then you suddenly have 50,000 additional TV channels & apps to play around with.

On the topic of TV; imagine the dual screening emersion of using your second Apple screen (Touch, Ipad or Iphone) alongside Apple TV and layering over social integration for your favourite channels (think twitter and facebook chat). Apple could also offer its ‘Genius’ functionality for TV in an ‘Amazon recommends’ styley that even woops Tivo. As an aside it will also be interesting to see if Apple focus ‘just’ on UX and programming integration OR seek out big partners (think NetFlix) OR increasingly seek out specific genre (think UFC, Baseball, Basketball, etc) channels for a bespoke subscription model OR even build in their own set top box (an improved version of Sony Play TV perhaps?)

Then if you add to the mix Apple’s ability to control your house with apps then it’s not long for Apple to have weaned its way into your entire life.