Apple will soon control your kitchen

By Paul Morris

…And your living room. And your bedroom. And your entire house!

I watched the above video (Samsung’s new Smart Window) and thought ‘what a cool idea’. It then got me thinking about how we can integrate technology more effectively, and to be frank more realistically, throughout our homes.

For years you had Tomorrow’s World (please say you remember Tomorrow’s World?!) telling us that we would have Cookers that cooked food ready for our arrival after a hard day’s work at the robot factory, Refrigerators would reorder our food based on our eating habits, etc. However I’m yet to see a starter of Carpaccio of Beef, vine tomato confit and maddocks farm leaves with grain mustard dressing awaiting my arrival back from the Pit so Tomorrow’s World were perhaps looking too far into tomorrow.

What I do see though are Smartphone’s & Tablet’s enabling a lot more interaction with our appliances if they can get the manufacturers on board.

If manufacturers build into our appliances the ability for them to be controlled by wireless then it would not be much more of a stretch for them to be controlled by Apps.

We already see many home systems controlled by Apps such as home lights (Schlage), your car (Zipcar rental), blu ray player, Your TV (slingbox & Sky), burglar alarm (CPI security), security camera (Lextech global services) and sound system (Sonos) so why not other appliances?  You could imagine your Ipad or Iphone being able to control your heating, run a bath, unlock your front door, air conditioning, curtains, cooker, fridge, washing machine, etc without much of a stretch in technological development.

Now all we need is for the manufacturers to ascertain if these are genuine potential USP’s and away we go with a new exciting era of interaction.