Changing Social SEO link building strategies

By Paul Morris
Social Search is transforming the purchase process, affecting search ranking signals and fundamentally affecting how we search for stuff.

Being heavily involved in Search Marketing I am, to say the least, a little interested in how social media is affecting search engine marketing and this post focuses on the affect social media is having on link building.

Link building has been through several fazes (image above) with this new shiny methodology showing no sign of dying out.

Google +1 , my article on top social media ranking factors and updates such as panda/ farmers, highlight Google’s focus on social media integration and on quality.

Google is clearly trying to clean up its algorithm as many seo’ers are gaming the SERPS relatively easily (when coupled with lots of cash) and as Google’s focus is on the best user experience it wants to harness other ranking factors that improves its algorithm whilst being more difficult to game. As an example, if you were in the music business and received a glowing twitter reference/ link from Lilly Allen, Matt Cardle and Chris Moyles (in the top 25 UK twitterholics at time of writing) then that should surely be an influencer on where Google ranks you over and above a few PR 4 purchased links – right?!

So where once dominant forms of links acquisition included link exchanges, link wheels, pay per post, link farms, comment spam, etc the trend is moving towards social search optimisation including a growing importance of link bait, 1-2-1 social media engagement, obtaining quality social media links and reputation management.

Therefore the impact social media has on where you rank will experience a significant rise moving forward.

Ultimately to gain competitor advantage in today’s super competitive search space means you must embrace social media link building or be left behind in noughties search world.