CTR could soon mean Call Through Rate

By Paul Morris
Google call through rates

By Paul Morris

In the Pay Per Click (PPC) world CTR stands for ‘Click Through Rate’ and massively affects Quality Score. However something interesting is happening in PPC that could eventually give it a dual meaning of ‘Call Through Rate’ where this metric also affects Quality Score for those using call extensions.

At present adgroup adwords call metrics are available to our American and Canadian cousins and ties in call ad extensions with auto generated unique trackable Google Voice phone numbers.

Adgroup level call metrics include call status (missed or received), call start time, call end time, call duration and caller area code.

I do not particularly want to go into the detail of the price per call or the fact you can track via device or the fact that charging on a per call rather than on a per click basis is ‘a bit dodgy’ (how many customers call multiple times before making the sale or store it in their phone for future customer service use?!); rather my main succinct point is about the future of CTR…

I believe call through metrics will eventually affect Quality Score and hence ad rank. As much as bounce rate, Click Through Rate, site load speed, etc affect Quality Score; metrics such as Call Through Rate, call duration, how quickly the call was picked up and the area code (e.g. if the ad is highly relevant to those in the 0161 area code then ad rank is improved for the Manchester region) will start to affect call extension ads Quality Score.

A more complicated CTR world awaits.