customer engagement & influence cycle

Following on from my structurally sound, yet boringly linear, customer lifecycle touchpoints and then my development of the ugly onion I have created the above customer engagement and influence cycle.

Here is a larger version if you do not have 20/20 vision: customer engagement & influence cycle

This engagement and touch-points onion charts the customer cycle of awareness > advocacy. It also shows the channels you can use in each ‘segment’ (though clearly the mix is much more dynamic and multifaceted in reality) and importance of not only traditional above/below the line advertising yet also the increasingly important mix of influencer + peer groups upon the customer (particularly key for Gen Y & Z).

Note: I have a global role hence the onion reflects this e.g. Line is big in Japan, QR codes universally adopted in the likes of China and South Korea, Baidu and Weibo used primarily in China, Instagram mainly in the Western world, VR/ AR mainly used in more advanced economies, etc.

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