Customer Leaders and the Value Creation Zone

Reference: 12 powers of a marketing leader & image courtesy of Skipp Richard

To be value focused does not mean focusing solely on the customer.

Leaders need to serve both external customers AND internal customers (the company). Sounds obvious yet i have happened across a few pure agile practitioners in the past who seem to forget the latter and solely focus on the former.

The most influential customer leaders understand customer needs brilliantly yet also implicitly understand and address their organisations top needs + are well versed in mobilising their colleagues and aligned with the C-Suite.

Success therefore relies on enlarging and maximising the overlap between customer needs and company needs = the Value (V) creation zone.

The V-Zone should be made up of customer value creation (products/ services with experiences that meet ‘need’ and possibly hit the ‘want’ stage) and value for the company (revenue, profit and LTV maximisation). The Value Zone will also hopefully have the side benefit of creating value for the person in role as well (greater influence & better career = self-actualisation stage within Maslow’s hierarchy of needs).

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