Digital Media Retargeting

By Paul Morris
Digital Media Retargeting can greatly aid your digital marketing returns.

I equate this discipline to shooting fish in a barrel. Easy to do via DSP’s and it generally always costs in against your CPA targets.

However a BIG problem with retargeting is it does not work well across device (desktop, mobile, tablet). The other BIG problem is generally justifying mobile media; the mobile DSP landscape is not only still developing but native advertising (the way to go yet it complicates mobile retargeting) and the propensity to ROMPOD results in often much higher mobile media CPA’s.

Well companies like Drawbridge are here to save the day. In a nut shell Drawbridge ties devices together and creates holistic anonymous user profiles to target.

Mentally amazing isn’t it!

So essentially Drawbridge technology, when integrated with the RTB (real time bidding) marketplace, might know that I visited a retailer’s site on my laptop and show me a targeted ad on my phone or tablet later in the day.

Drawbridge states it has already matched over 200 million devices together (utilising a complex cookie bridging algorithm that triangulates the user’s behaviour) and after receiving heavy weight backing (Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers and Sequoia Capital; two top Silicon Valley funders) looks like they are here to stay.

Watch this space during 2013 as this technology starts to become more main stream.

…And on the topic of retargeting I happened across this really nice retargeting flow chart…

chango retargeting