Facebook Atlas relaunch

By Paul Morris

Credit: WSJ and Wordstream for the heads up

Retargeting looks like it’s getting a kick up the bum with the imminent launch of Facebook’s Atlas platform.

Come on you remember Atlas?! The old skool platform that was cast asunder by Microsoft last year.

Well it looks set to be a significant player upon relaunch as its Facebook backed.

And what does Facebook have more than another other site in the world? 100’s of millions of constantly logged in users that’s what!

So instead of having to rely on cookies for retargeting why not rely on super accurate Facebook demographics.

Not only will this lead to much better retargeting but also to much better cross device tracking (that puts Google’s universal analytics cross device tracking to shame in terms of accuracy/% of logged in users). Year of the mobile (media) again me’s thinks!

It will also be interesting to see if they can breed demographics with some of the good GDN stuff e.g. past keyword search history, site placements, shopper themes, etc. Now that would be amazing.

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