Facebook Organic reach defeat

Background: Organic/free reach is the total number of unique people who were shown your post through unpaid sharing. Paid reach is the total number of unique people who were shown your post as a result of ads.

Facebook is slowly killing organic reach for Brands. Fact.

As the chart below shows the decline in organic reach has been dragging on for some time and I see this being @ 0% within 12 months (get out of jail free card: unless Facebook want to keep it @ circa 5% just to show brands ‘what they could have won’ with the +95% paid promotion)

organic facebook reach

With organic News Feed reach now minimal for Brands we must use paid promotion on Facebook (a small pot of cash can go a long way on Facebook to be fair), adopt innovative/viral/friend referral ways to reach our target markets, be more selective over which content ‘we back’, target and test (A/B) much more effectively and generally adopt other social platforms where organic reach defeat hasn’t (yet) occurred and where that platform may prove to be more effective/ befitting the audience anyway e.g. SnapChat, Twitter or Instagram.

We mustn’t forget that Facebook is also a great free (excluding the community manager costs; which to be fair are much lower than other forms of contact such as phone) way of engaging with customers/ communities still posting to brands walls with their comments and questions. #dontgiveuponFacebook;-)

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