Google Killer?

OpenAI’s ChatGPT recent launch success and last night’s broadly unsuccessful launch of Bard by Google prompted me to write this article.


Is ChapGPT a Google Killer?

Spoiler alert = NO.


ChatGPT might not be a Google Killer though it is a brilliant natural language processing model allowing it to generate text that appears as though a human wrote it.

This type of technology will revolutionise a multitude of sectors; for this article I’m going to focus on 5 areas linked with an area of my expertise = Performance Marketing.

ChatGPT despite the massive investment from Microsoft, will in reality see relatively little market share move to Bing (though the press they are garnering is amazing and they will likely take some market share from Google; particularly in the short term in some markets like Germany and from a certain type of ‘advanced search audience’).

Google are already countering the chatGPT/ bing alliance with their own conversational ai version (bard) and despite last night’s disappointing showcase this will merely be a bump in the road for Google IMO; Bard is underpinned by better search results than ChatGPT (Google Vs Bing), a hugely “£bought in” owner in the shape of Alphabet and as bard is built on LaMDA it has the potential to be more powerful.


I see this type of technology as a threat/ opportunity on 5 fronts:


1.Fewer SEO + PPC visits to websites

Further up the sales funnel (note: massive generalisation) consumers search in a more conversational manner gaining answers in their search provider of choice and as a result may never visit an actual website if they are gaining their answers from the likes of chatgpt or Bard (though surely the likes of Google and Bing will monetise these searches eventually with adapted ad formats).


2.Shaking up how we create content

Content will be easier to produce (though the success of which currently very much depends on your prompt  and how much effort you want to put in) and also to translate (I currently work for a company who transacts internationally and the likes of foreign language translations could be much easier/ cheaper with such a tool).  Content utilisation will be varied and is still evolving though Jon Loomer gives some good ideas in this article.



I’d be panicking/ excited if i were a programmer or needing a new website built. This technology will simplify code, tagging and site creation; as noted in point 4 in this query click article


4.Conversational AI onsite

Chatbots on the majority of sites are average at best e.g ability to answer questions around product availability, opening hours, how to return a product, etc though imagine if it was truly conversationally intelligent?! Imagine the ux a site could offer to those wanting information on your products, compatibility, sector expertise, etc!


5.Short term Performance Marketing benefits

Rather than gazing into the crystal ball it’s good to think of immediate Performance Marketing applications that you can get from tools such as ChatGPT. I’m thinking of benefits such as adcopy variations, market analysis research, content article augmentation, generate schema code, create meta descriptions, generate SEO page title ideas, personalise > optimise email campaigns, create video scripts, ppc automation (ppc examples here), etc


My advice would be to play with the tech and let your mind wonder on the implications.

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