@ Google Manchester 2014

By Paul Morris

Overarching @ Google Summary: This year’s “20:20 Vision; The What & When” was another great @ Google Manchester event with 2 speakers in particular blowing my mind with education and inspiration. Thanks to Mediacom for the tickets.

And now on to specific summaries per speaker:

Eileen Naughton | MD Google UK | The future of Technology & Innovation

Uber is a great example of disruption in the market place.

And whilst I have seen it before this video just brings to life how Google’s self driving car project will change lives.

Steph McGovern (BBC business journalist) | Getting the balance right | The Economic Outlook

The economy is broadly looking good though there are some challenges with real world pay increases and there being a skill deficit across many industries to rectify.

There was then some debate on stage with 3 business leaders and I particularly liked the points on:

Being slightly paranoid about everything around you e.g overcoming current competitors and where else will the competition come from or innovate on that you can do now.

If Carlsberg did X in your industry how would they do it?

Dominic field (Partner and MD of Boston consulting group) | Adding data, boosting impact | 

A look into how they have helped prove that intelligent programmatic buying drive bigger returns with advanced behavioural targeting e.g look a like and video/search re marketing

Simon Wheatcroft | Blind ultra marathon runner | Running without limits | Tech as an enabler today & tomorrow

Find out more about this inspirational man by viewing his 4 minute video on Simon

Basically never give up, show tenacity and grab life by the balls!

This really showcased to me how Project Tango can be used on a small scale to help blind people navigate around buildings more easily…

John Looney | Insights on innovation | Behind the scenes with Google

For me he showcased how engineers @ Google think big, dream and then overcome amazing challenges.

I like his summary on the acceptance of failure; it will depend on the area you work in e.g cyber security acceptance of failure is less than for those working at Project X.

…But you must allow for some degree of failure in your business or the business itself will eventually fail due to a lack of innovation.

A great video on Android Wear and how it could impact the world…


Derek Scobie (Head of Brand Propositions) | YouTube : fueling passions of fans, creators and brands

He showed the holy trinity of the important interplay between users, creators and brands that make up You Tubes success.

Red bull are awesome. Not because they make average sugary drinks but because they are focused on a passion and inspire others.

There was a really interesting peek into the world of professional you tubers and the importance of listening to your community as a stimulus for your content.


Rasmus Ankersen | Hunger in paradise – beat the hell out of complacency

What an amazingly insightful and inspirational individual

And here is short summary of his ethos…

Q: How can we create high performance businesses when you are already performing well?

A: Losers can teach winners a lot

1. Complacency driver. We assume that good results always come from good decisions.

Success can turn luck into genius and this should not be allowed to happen. Ask questions and do not presume success when it might actually be down to luck.

2. How can you be an outside thinking person. Do not let arrogance in. Do not love the smell of your own farts.

The constant closeness of someone who makes you look like a beginner.

Listen to complainers.

Think outside in = key.

3. We assume that wealth leads to innovation. Kill the illusion of perfect conditions.

A performance centre should not be designed for comfort but for hard work in mind.

What are the perfect conditions for high performance?

Constraints make creativity thrive = The power of self imposed constraints.


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