google environmental patent

Google PPC ads targeted to environmental conditions

By Paul Morris
Targeting of PPC ads could get even more innovative going forward if Google has its way. A new Google patent outlines Google’s interest in using environmental factors such as temperature, humidity, sound, light and air composition to serve up ever more targeted ads.

This would be done by ‘simply’ using the devices (e.g. mobile and tablet) sensors.

Think about it. That’s an insanely nuts/ uber clever way of supplementing your targeting parameters.

Obvious ways of doing this would be via a temperature sensor in the phone so if you are searching for ‘gloves’ or ‘coat’ and it’s minus 8 degrees then the results will be tailored with super thermal versions of those products rather than general adverts for coats and gloves.

But even more intelligent ways could be used (particularly over the pond with our Yankee Doodle Dandy brothers and sisters).

They can use GOOG-411 Voice Search (Google Voice Local Search – a telephone service that provided a speech-recognition-based business directory search) and the voice sensor could pick up the fact you are at a certain sporting event, concert, etc and then use this data to tailor results.

As an example for a ‘local restaurants to X’ search you would serve different results if they were at an Iron Maiden gig compared to a three tenors concert (why you are using a phone to search for anything during those events is beyond me but you get my point). Not only could search results be changed then and there for your restaurant query but future queries could be tailored to your tastes if the search involved ‘concert’ ‘gig’ or ‘ticket’ type queries.