Google Twitter Facebook Dublin trip

I visited Google, Twitter and Facebook in Dublin earlier this week for a 2 day visit and here are my KEY takeaways:


An organisation that embrace change and where ‘No’ is uncommon and where ‘Yes and…’ is.

Flat structures are suited to people who like ambiguity.

I like Google’s 70/20/10 rule on innovation. Winning requires innovation.

Constantly challenge.

Do not (just) listen to HIPPOS.

Have audacious goals and back them up with belief and passion.

Recruit good people, give them oxygen and trust them to do what they can do.

4 key leadership lessons:
1/ Focus on your strengths – understand what your anchors are
2/ have a vision and plan – and keep it simple
3/ know when to move on. – find your comfort zone. Then leave it
4/ be authentic – honesty & challenge


Api partnerships are starting to come to the fore e.g weather targeting

Their Twitter planning matrix was excellent (that had a focus on “Everyday. Live. Campaign. Unpredictable”)


Atlas is coming! Watch for much more later in the year

There are great ways of story telling and re-engagement across the Facebook platform but also on Instagram as a way of impacting the community and inspiring creativity.

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