arm holdings

Greater connectivity for all

By Paul Morris
I put a post together a few weeks ago about how Google would soon control your kitchen, living room, bedroom and basically your whole house.

The premise behind the article was that once domestic appliances become ‘empowered’ with chip sets and wireless capabilities we will soon be controlling everything via apps. E.g. an extension of current applications for home lights (Schlage),blu ray player, Your TV (slingbox & Sky), burglar alarm (CPI security), security camera (Lextech global services) and sound system (Sonos).

Well the future is here my friends (almost)!

ARM Holdings has just unveiled new super energy efficient microprocessors that will spread the net to a wider range of devices.

ARM themselves state they expect white goods, medical equipment, energy meters, and home and office lighting will all benefit from the innovation. With two companies having licensed the technology (NXP Semiconductors and Freescale) we should see greater connectivity in the coming years.