Hearts & Minds

I’ve been reading management text around motivation and self-interest recently.

The question I posed myself was: How do you win the hearts and minds of key people you employ?

The educated answer would be to study great management models such as Herzberg’s theory of motivation…


Whilst I broadly agree with Herzberg I think there is a more simple answer for a key subgroup. I’m thinking of those super talented individuals who could find a role in their chosen profession pretty much anywhere. For this subset I believe self-interest (wage, working conditions, etc) aren’t key drivers in getting them to stick around your organisation and keeping them super engaged.

So what are the key drivers that keeps this group of talented individuals on board, excited and motivated?

Well I think it’s one thing; and that one thing is PURPOSE. Something to truly care about.

Give people a Big Hairy Audacious Goal that links in with you bigger organisational purpose and you will have hopefully won both their heart & mind. 

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