arms race bing and google

How Bing can beat Google at Search

By Paul Morris
Now the title of this post is a pretty brash statement however if Bing can pull of the below then I genuinely believe they will have a major advantage over Google in the Search Engine arms race (image: Cuban Missile Crisis; 1962).

A new study by Social Labs that looked at 450m+ visits to various retail websites, found that more than 50% of visitors were logged into Facebook while browsing.

Bing already partners with Facebook by powering the site’s search functionality and uses Facebook likes in its search results to show who your friends are and what they like. Hence it’s not a huge leap of faith for Bing to pay Facebook an obscene amount of cash to get them to sell their souls to the data protection devil and find out more about the search behaviour of people using Facebook/ Bing.

Not only could Bing then use the Like information to improve CTR and conversion rates but also use the interaction on Facebook and personal data (age, interests, sex, etc) in amalgamation with the Bing search queries for the most accurate set of Search results yet seen! This would not only improve the consumer experience but would result in higher conversion rates/ relevance for advertisers and thus move advertising spends from the competition to Bing’s super duper new Search experience.

The resultant landscape could see Bing move ahead of Google in the race for improved localised results, personalised results and finally move them down a semantic search experience (see my future of Search post for an explanation of the semantic web). This Search insight would also steal a march on Google who are surely trying to do something similar with its Google+ development.

For other connotations of this Facebook research visit the Econsultancy page.