Conference Speaking – How to build brands via search

Summary of my presentation relating to ‘how to Build Brands Via Search‘ from the Search Star, Bath event…

Introducing an infographic winningly titled the “Digital Onion of Awesomeness”, Paul wanted to prove that, in order to build a brand via search, we have to question and expand our conception of what we mean by “search”. He showed that the medium can stretch far beyond the Google homepage, and advertisers need to consider how they are optimising their presence on Amazon, YouTube, in App Stores and for the brave new worlds of voice search and augmented/virtual reality. 

Paul then examined the importance of trust in brand building and how this could be fostered with his G.O.O.D  framework (Gravitas, Openness, Outreach, Distribution). He stressed the need for credibility, consistency and intimacy in brand communications and how these principles could be used to great effect in engaging with key online influencers – the people who really get listened to when it comes to promoting a brand. 

Continuing a now familiar theme, it seemed that digital marketing campaigns might rely on technology to be implemented but the success of them relied on much more human aspects of communication.

Presentation here. 


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