interactive infographic

Interactivity is the future of Infographic success

By Paul Morris
I love infographics! They are not only a great way of pictorially showcasing boring data but can help greatly improve your inbound link profile, and thus SEO presence, when created and syndicated brilliantly (see a recent-ish infographic article I wrote to view my experience and case study)

What is happening now though is that every SEO agency and his dog are using them and the market is getting saturated with average infographic ideas and implementations.

What I see happening though from forward thinking SEO practitioners is the utilisation of more interactive infographics as a way of improving engagement, interest and there link magnet capabilities from quality websites (for this simplifiled post let’s ‘forget’ the challenges of embedding code on a partner site via HTML5).

See the New York Times infographic – screenshot above – as a good example. I.e. it’s relatively simple, interactive with stats for your specific genre and is for an area of interest everyone wants to know more about… how they compare to the Jones!