Keeping it fresh

By Paul Morris
google search freshness

Google announced today that they will be rolling out a new search algorithm that keeps things fresh. The big news is not just the freshness but that this update will affect circa 35% of searches – which is huge (Panda only affected around 12% of searches)!

The Caffeine infrastructure is the bed rock that enables this algorithmic update and means that recent events or hot topics, regularly occurring events (conferences, elections, X Factor Results, etc) and frequent updates (best mobile phones, Harley Davidson reviews, etc) will be more prominent in search results.

Overall not a bad idea (although Google really needs to get the Twitter deal set back up as not displaying recent Tweets in its SERPS does not shout ‘Social real time Search’ to me!) but yet again another challenge for SEO’ers to ensure they get to grips with this update and ensure client sites stay at the top of the heap for relevant searches.

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