One of my life goals recently has been to go top of my #awesome colleagues on LinkedIn ‘How You Rank’. The ranking is of course meaningless however it’s a goal hence why not try and achieve it; right?!

If you are after the same life goal then here are some tips on how to achieve it…

‘Keyword stuff’ your profile e.g. If you are trying to rank for ‘digital marketing’ or ‘digital director Manchester’ then use the term regularly (but relevantly) on page  in the headline, job experience, specialties and summary section.

Make your profile sought after to view (for reasons best known to themselves lots of people want to network with me and view my profile)

Publish LinkedIn posts

Maximise your, and engage in, Groups

Share updates that people want to engage with i.e comment upon, like and re-share themselves

If you want to not only rank number 1 but get found by others then ensure you are well networked (as Search results in LinkedIn are personalized to the person searching; results are shown only of those people who are within the person’s network). The LION technique can work here but you need to be intelligent on its use.

I’m not sure if Skills/ Endorsements or References make a difference however I have lots of relevant Skills and References hence perhaps they sway the algorithm as well

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