mary portas

Mary Portas Queen of Shops

By Paul Morris
The Group I work for put on a great leadership event earlier today with the guest speaker being no other than Mary Portas; known for her TV work, Queen of Shops tag and her government advisory role.

I thought I would post about her teachings on how to reenergise our high street (more as a memory mnemonic to me than teachings for you) as her words are certainly worthy of note:

We need to enable new connections with our high streets to reinvigorate them

Listen to what people want and deliver on them – true co-creation of shops is the future

We have got to put the social capital back in to our high street – there has to be a reason to go to the high street other than just to shop. Do what people did hundreds of years ago by creating experiences/ events around the high street and almost backfill that footfall with shopping.

Ensure the experience is supported with synchronised selling across all touch points in our multi channel world. (my note: easier said than done in a price comparison homogenous world though). Technology plays a key part in this and whilst it is difficult to breathe your brand personality into, for example, self checkout tills you need to make your brand resonate even through impersonal channels.

Retailing is not dead. The imagination of retailers is dead and needs to be awoken, put back on life support and then invigorated.

You have got to be a company that cares and caring should not be forced… what an opportunity we have!