Measuring Digital output via Agile Velocity methodology

By Paul Morris
I have been recently exposed to Agile development (thanks team!) and was impressed by Agile’s measurement of output.

Agile uses Velocity to measure output.

In principle it’s simple as it accurately measures the rate at which scrum development teams deliver business value. In practice, for my application, it isn’t simple or without its challenges however I love the fact it measures 3 key tenants:

  • Value
  • Effort
  • Cost

..And then sets out an iteration score to hit (that can be broken down by month, week, day, team, person, etc).

agile velocity

If we were to apply this to say SEO we could ascertain:

How many people are working on the account, the budget, likely number of meetings, research required, necessary reports, tactics employed, link types targeted, quality of links targeted, wider marketing activity that could support activity, etc  and then calculate a target score per period.

SO the Agile Velocity is blowing my mind in terms of how it could be applied to measure areas of Digital other than Development.

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