Millenium Bug Cookie styley

Millennium Bug V20.12

For background read my previous post on the EU Cookie Law.

Well it’s been a case of déjà vu for me when comparing the Millennium Bug of 2000 with the Cookie Law of 2012.

The Millennium Bug created muchos chaos, made tech experts a lot of money and ultimately amounted to nothing.

The Cookie Law has also created much chaos, made agencies/ internet lawyers a lot of money and looks like it will ultimately amount to nothing (in the UK at least)…

At the 11th hour Britain has stepped out of line with the rest of the EU and watered down the proposals by allowing “implied consent”.

This implied consent stance shifts the responsibility to the user rather than the website owner and ensures many website owners breathe a huge sigh of relief.

To be honest I think the information commissioner simply realised no one was complying fully (a KPMG study suggested 95% of companies had yet to comply) and did not have the money, time or front to take the majority of businesses to court.

To be fair I think it did shake the industry up and most companies have been making some good amendments such as making their cookie policy more readily available and detailing exactly what they are using cookies for. As a result perhaps this was part of Chris Graham’s long term plan and he is a very wise man indeed (NOT).