mini SASCON 2014

By Paul Morris

I attended 1/2 mini SASCON in Manchester yesterday and here are my learning’s:

Drew Benvie – Battenhall PR

State of the digital PR nation

There is a real focus on Talent now and more companies are moving to T shaped people; those that have a depth of digital skills within a specific digital niche but have a bredth of wider skills at teh same time. More companies are also moving to the 80/20 of management. 20% dedicated to thinking + innovation and 80% filled with cold hard work!

4 emerging social forces

1/ Wearable tech – More people will adopt wearable tech; from the cool of Google Glass to the niche & useful pro cameras and Fitbit step counters. In turn companies will do more with this data to enrich lives (pretty much why Google spent £3 billion on a sensor provider in the form of Nest).

2/ The rise and rise of photo sharing – single purpose apps such as snap chat and jelly is growing with the popular being gobbled up for high £££.

Linked with the popularity of photo sharing sites; more people are withdrawing to engage privately on photo sharing apps and thus new models will need to emerge to market to those individuals.

3/ messaging reinventing social – Basically the same point as photo sharing above.

4/ Social data driving smarter business – the old ‘BIG personalised data rocks’ argument with little supporting evidence.


Panel discussion – screaming queens vs plain Jane’s.

Where next for metrics.

Get over Not Provided analytics data (though Webmaster Tools can help with recent improvements) and measure other KPI’s e.g. conversion reports, paths, landing page data can recreate to a degree Not Provided by grouping similar landing pages together, SERP rank/ coverage, traffic, etc.

A good example showcased in the form of Custom Dimensions within Google Analytics from where sales/user behaviour was tracked against weather patterns.

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