Mobile Phone Infographic

By Paul Morris

For many of our clients (I’m Head of Search at a marketing agency) we utilise link bait to improve search engine rankings. One of my favourite tactics is that of infographic creation (as previous posts such as my debt management, music festival, pacman, DIYtop Search related infographics and my future wedding day and best Christmas toys of all time infographics show) as when coupled with social media syndication they can improve brand recall/ engagement and SEO.

I thought I’d share one of our recent incarnations – a mobile phone infographic. Quite a beast yet a good looking one!

mobile phone infographic

27th November update: 

For the past 2 weeks we have been syndicating the above bad boy out and wanted to share the results.

This mobile phone infographic has generated over 700 social mdia conversation (we cannot track them all due to time constrains which is a nice problem to have!), it has been shared heavily in the UK, US, Germany, Spain & South America and generated over 175 back links from 95 domains (and counting!).

2 key outcomes from the outreach

1/ The outreach has generated links from 30+ key sites. You would not be able to buy links from these key authority sites, they are contextually relevant, natural and with excellent Domain authority/ Page Rank they represent great new inbound links. Examples below…

seo links obtained

2/ The infographic has been shared by key influencers that have not only sneezed the infographic out to a wider audience aiding brand recall but also aided Social SEO from an inbound link perspective. Examples below (the scores are from Klout and show highly influential social media practitioners – and yes before you mention it, I do know you can game Klout and it should only be used as a guide to social media influence)…