MSc in Digital Marketing Week 3

By Paul Morris

Note: these notes are aimed as a memory mnemonic for my MSc in Digital Marketing 

Review of Marketing Orientation and continuing with the Customer Behaviour module – Segmentation and reference groups

Perceptions are driven by sensory receptors.

Factors that influence perception = stimulus characteristics, context and customer characteristics

You can plot a ‘perceptual map’ and seeing if you can essentially fill a gap in the market i.e. it helps with product positioning

Psychographic Segmentation – the division of a population into groups that have similar psychological characteristics, values, motivations and lifestyles

VALS = a psychographic segmentation system developed by SRI Consulting Business Intelligence = Researched using a questionnaire of 35 lifestyle and 5 demographic questions

There are different versions of the VALS framework and been adapted, particularly by agencies, for clients

Reference Groups – An actual or imaginary individual/group conceived of having significance relevance upon an individual’s evaluations, aspirations or behaviour

Seth Godin did quite a bit of work in this area around ‘Tribes’

Talked around factors to gain cut through e.g. sex, humour, using a puzzle, celebrity endorsers, shock advertising and then around the use of colours

Journal Paper Review – Driving sales through shoppers sense of sound, sight, smell and touch journal article by Brenda Soars

The paper was around how sensory stimuli can influence environments, improve the shopper experience and change the nature of behaviour in ways beyond our consciousness

Findings: Economic gloom does not have to spell financial disaster for the retail sector. Consumers will simply become more discerning on how they spend their limited resources. The savvy retailer needs to move beyond simple displays and signage through to shopper sense of sound, sight, smell and touch which will have a clear impact on decision-making, store choice and spend.

Video; accompanied shop – Around the key factors that influenced purchase for cereal = trying to be healthy, toys / giveaways, storage, will it take you through to lunch, quality of own brand, own brands if main recognised brand is not doing a special offer, money of your next purchase, colour for ease of pick up, nice packaging that reflects well on the product, seen on tv and want to try, etc. Basically it was interesting to see how many different stimuli drove purchase.

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