MSc in Digital Marketing Week 8

By Paul Morris

Note: these notes are aimed as a memory mnemonic for my MSc in Digital Marketing 

In Week 8 Ayesha Owusu-Barnaby explored Communication Theory. The session was essentially around some of the theory behind how we communicate and then how to put marketing communication theory into practice.

One definition: Communications is a process of exchanging signals to inform, persuade, or instruct, based on shared meanings and conditioned by the communicators’ relationship and the social context. Cutlip, Center & Broom (2006)

One key / basic communication model was developed by Wilbur Schramm in the 1940’s (“a linear model of communication”) and then developed, in particular, by Shannon & Weaver.

The session talked a lot about communication problems, the message, the sender, the medium / channel and receivers.

Key Communication Response Hierarchy Models (AIDA = old skool but a great basic model to follow):

communication model

Though the models do have shortcomings e.g. the hierarchy-of-effects models assume that things have to happen in a certain order, that consumers first have to know a product or a brand, and then they have to learn to like it, before they will finally consider buying it, etc.

Elaboration Likelihood Model  – Motivation, Ability, Opportunity. Developed at LSBU. Basically if ever working in this area investigate and quote this model

The internet & the communication process = A new channel not necessarily a new message but just new opportunities + challenges.

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