MSc Research Methods Week 6

Note: this post is aimed as a memory mnemonic for me not you (I’m studying an MSc in Digital Marketing )

Week 6 – Questionnaire Design

Survey Instrument Design for Quantitative Research

…Ask yourself 3 questions:

1 What are we going to ask?

2 Who do we talk to?

3 How are we going to ask?

Data Collection Methods = How?

Details were then given on Telephone, personal interviews and mail.

Data Collection Decision Criteria:

Versatility, cost, time, sample control, quantity of data, quality of data and response rate.

When to use Questionnaires?

Make sure the data collection methods is most appropriate to your research objective, best for use in descriptive or causal research and best to link with other research methods (multi-method approach).

The sections of a questionnaire are broken down into 3 key bits:

  • The introduction: Qualifies the respondent as someone who belongs to the sample
  • The body or the content: Facts, knowledge, attitudes, motives, possible future behaviour
  • Demographic Data: Gender, Age, Occupation, Income, Education

Then details of format, type of question response formats, nominal scales, ordinal scales, likert scale (e.g. nice scaling of response from 1-5), semantic differential scales, ratio scales, what to include/exclude with wording, etc were discussed and ads/disads given.

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