multi click attribution evolution

By Paul Morris
Multi Click Attribution is the en vogue digital ‘thing’ to talk about however few people know how to do it!

Google a few months ago put the cat amongst the attribution pigeons by launching Multi Channel Funnels for free and whilst it’s in its infancy this will really shake up how companies attribute value along the sales funnel.

Whilst Google multi click funnels is relatively basic e.g. the solution only includes data from direct visits and not mere banner impressions (that didn’t result in a click through), only allows for a 30 day cookie prior to the sale (hence not ideal for longer sales cycles) and does not allow you to attribute value in the interface it is still a great product and will serve 95% of companies. However for the 5% of companies who want more you need to look into other services such as Double Click, Marin Software, tagman, Shomei or DC Storm. At the same time you then need to consider how you allocate attribution across the sales funnel and this is the area that many companies struggle with. As a result I thought it worthwhile to at least highlight some possible models you could use:

Even weighting across all visits

multi click 1

Even weighting across all visits excluding brand/direct

attribution 2

Even weighting across all visits within 30 days excluding Brand/Direct

multi click attribution 3

First contributor higher weighted excluding Brand/Direct

multi click 4

Late contributor higher weighted excluding Brand/Direct

attribution 5

First & last contributors higher weighted excluding Brand/Direct

attribution 6

…And the list goes on with slight variances e.g. longer than a 30 days cookie, view through conversions included, different weighting to the sources (ppc, seo, affiliate, social media, email, banner), etc. Just remember there is no right model. The only thing I ask is that you think about the model you use and have a solid reasoning for using it.

Paul Morris note: look out for future multi click attribution posts as this is just a starter for 10 on your attribution modelling strategy.