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New Ipad predictions 2012

NOTE: This is an updated article from February 13th in regards to whether I actually know what I’m talking about from a tech mystical ball perspective. 

By Paul Morris

As seen with my Iphone predictions post last year  I like to speculate about forthcoming tech. 

In my mind the biggest tech news in Q1 of 2012 will be the Ipad 3 and how it will move the game on from the current iteration.

I made some fairly accurate predictions last time for the Iphone hence I will again make some predictions and update this post after the release to see how I fair…

•It will be broadly the same size and shape. There will be no mini version released alongside the standard version
•The screen will be the real game changer and offer double the screen resolution of the Ipad 2 which is more than enough to display a Blu Ray movie in all its glory
•Due to the screen being the main USP over the previous iteration I see it being called the Ipad 2 HD rather than the Ipad 3 (but for now I’m going to keep calling it the Ipad 3 as that is what everyone expects)
WRONG – they are stupidly calling it ‘the new Ipad’ however it is also called as a sub name ‘Ipad3’
•It will get a new chip (the A6) but will remain dual core rather than quad core and the real benefits will only be seen in graphic hungry games
RIGHT AND WRONG – it got a new chip that will mainly be used to power the new screen and in gaming however it is quad core
•It will be announced in March but not released until April 2012 in the UK
WRONG – it gets a mid March release date in the UK
•Siri will be introduced along with iCloud
RIGHT (sort of) – It gets a type of Siri add on
•New cameras will be introduced (particularly to benefit Facetime) however they will not set the world alight as happened with the Iphone 4S camera upgrades
•The battery will be tweaked rather than revolutionised hence better battery life but no more than a 15% improvement
RIGHT & WRONG – it did get a new battery that is thicker, heavier and ‘better’ than the last however due to the screen sucking more power the battery life is actually the same
•The price will remain broadly the same
RIGHT (the Ipad2 is now being sold at a discount though to do battle with the Kindle Fire and other Android tablets)
•Due to iCloud I doubt we will see a bigger storage variant


SCORE: I’m giving myself a generous 7/10