new iPhone 5 rumours

I love to make predictions on new Apple tech, and I’ve demonstrated my ability to guess pretty accurately with my previous iPhone and iPad crystal ball posts, hence here goes again.

PREDICTION – The new iPhone will be…

Called ‘the new iPhone’ (not the ‘iPhone 5’ or ‘number 5’)

Will be announced mid September and released by the end of September in the UK

Slightly longer at 4 inches yet no wider. It will essentially allow for better 16:9 video watching, improved game play and for another row of icons

It will run on a quad core processor called the Apple A6

1 GB of RAM will be housed inside

The back camera will stay 8mp however the image sensor will be upgraded. The front camera will be significantly upgraded to HD allowing for lovely portraits of you and your drunk mates and for conference calls

Idiots suggesting you can change the back camera lens via interchangeable back panels will be proven incorrect (Apple keep things simple and this smacks of an anorak camera aficionados wet dream)

The back plate will change and be two tone aluminium

Slightly thinner

Will house a more powerful battery (thought battery life will hardly increase, in a similar vein to the iPad 3, due to the increased processing power and screen sucking the life out of it)

The 30 pin connector will be replaced with a smaller pin port that will also allow for the headphone jack to be moved to the base on the phone

Nano sims will be adopted so you need 20/20 vision and a microscope to put the bloody thing in

4G/LTE will be included; whooop-e-do for us Brits who get this in 2057 (jonly-oking; we should see 4G in major UK conurbations by 2014)

In a blow to mobile payment protagonists the new Iphone will not house an NFC chip

Apple has a patent on liquid metal however this super strong/ beautiful metal alloy is still in its infancy and will not be unleashed to the masses yet

Prices will stay the same as for the 4S

RESULT – 12/09/2012 update

I give myself a fair 8/10 for pretty accurate predictions.