Number of Downloads importance to iOS ASO

By Paul Morris

I have been researching Surikate (a French mobile marketing company) and they have a fascinating product worthy of a post. is an iOS app that gives consumers the chance to earn money downloading and reviewing apps (20p per app that is validated by Ad-X and the completed survey).

I find this proposition interesting as it is solely aimed (let’s be honest) at gaming iOS ASO (For more info on App Store Optimisation see my ASS/ ASO post).

Essentially the iOS chart ranking position updates every 24 hours (unlike Play that updates every 3 hours) hence if you get enough people downloading your app in that time period (around 7000 though obviously this depends on other factors) then you will rank in the top 25 most popular apps (as the number of downloads is a key attribute within the iOS ranking algorithm). Ranking higher then helps your natural app search position and gets more eyeballs on your app hence the circle of life hopefully snowballs for your app from there.

For a guaranteed top 25 chart position you pay £X and for a guaranteed top 50 chart position you pay £x. If you do not rank in the top 50 then you pay nothing (I’m not here to sell their services and prices may vary hence you need to contact them for more info OR if you’re a mate see me for info).

….All genuinely interesting (but bordering on dodgy) stuff however with iOS 7’s release, whilst number of downloads within the last 24 hours is still important, Apple have up weighted other attributes e.g. star rating and number of reviews hence gaming the algo isn’t as easy as it once was.

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