one device to rule them all mwaaa ha ha

one device to rule them all

Over the past month i’ve seen patents for mobile units powering tablets (basically your mobile becomes the brains behind/ underneath your tablet screen), the birth of Ubuntu on Android (that allows users to run desktop apps on their handsets, allowing them to double for PCs when docked to monitors) and LG’s plans for Google TV expansion (and where essentially your mobile is the weapon of choice to control your TV and power your gaming experience).

This leads me to one very simple surmise; within single digit years many of us will have one device that rules our lives. It’s the thing we call people on, is the tech behind our gaming experience on the big screen, is the OS and power behind our Tablet screen and doubles as our desktop computer.

I recently bought a 1.5ghz quad core Android LG Nexus 4 and if you look at the benchmark scores for this 4.7″ mobile it puts the majority of other mobiles and tablets to shame whilst also pushing entry level laptops/ desktops for speed as well. It does not take a huge leap of imagination to forsee a world where we have one device that powers the majority of our digital lives.

As I work in digital media the next question I ask myself is ‘what ramifications does this development have for digital media?’

There are lots however the biggest one for me is seamless customer journeys and true insight into customer conversion paths. Not only could you accurately track/ understand/ engage with journeys across the sale lifecycle but, if the person decided to pay with their mobile (Google wallet or NFC perhaps) businesses could relatively easily understand and maximise ROPO as well.

What a wonderful world that would be (Tuuuuuune).