Paid Owned Earned + Customer Lifecycle

customer lifecycle


earned owned paid

I want to improve planning and engagement and ensure Digital is implemented correctly across the customer journey hence developed the following model (heavily borrowed from other existing models to be fair) to aid effective strategy, planning and customer engagement…

customer lifecycle


Diagram: ‘Copyright’ Paul Morris 



Awareness – Generally this is when paid media comes in to its own with SEO, PPC and Display prospecting. Make sure you are front of mind when awareness counts e.g. Google SERPS, Contextually relevant site targeting, Behaviourally targeting consumers, Facebook/ Twitter advertising, on mobile/ tablet, optimise for dual screening, etc. Also think of areas such as Research Online Research Offline (ROPO) and Micro Moments That Matter so you create an effective through the line strategy.

Consideration – Customer research and comparison, Affiliates can help (so your presence is felt on comparison and review sites) along with your value proposition being well displayed on your site. Display retargeting, SEO, PPC sit here. Customer support is also important e.g. customers contacting you asking for further information on your widget. Consider campaign or micro sites to focus attention around the ‘widget’ in question and what about videos, webinars and free trials for B2B?

Purchase – Optimise your call to action messages and purchase funnel. A/B Multi Variate Testing is a must (and active design is a nice to have). Massage customers through the purchase funnel with integrations such as Live Chat. Make purchase accessible across multiple touch points e.g. Facebook, main website, mobile, etc.

Support – Good service and support is key hence the fundamentals of your product come to the fore along with back end telephone customer support (perhaps supported by end to end phone tracking from the likes of Media Hawk or Response Tap) and Social Media.

LoyaltyReciprocity comes in to play here as customers want to be recognised, incentivised and rewarded for loyal custom. ECRM is key offering ongoing touch points and perhaps discounted up sell/ cross sell opportunities. Feeling part of your community is a great way of bringing consumers in to the fold hence again Social Media can help bind your tribe together.

Advocacy – If the customer is happy with the experience then they will tell others about you. Make this easy by having review mechanisms on your own site, managed presence on major review sites and email the customer encouraging posting a review e.g what we do at Co-op Electrical with Feefo. The Social filter bubble also helps here!