Rev voice recorder

I’m in the middle of an MSc in Digital Marketing and am about to embark on 10-15 Qual interviews.

As part of the MSc you have to submit transcripts of the interviews and for a 1/2 hour interview it is likely to take you 3 hours to transcribe.

You can forget that!

…So I discovered the ‘Rev Voice Recorder’ (available on Itunes and Google Play). It seems to work well and is only $1 per 1 minute of audio hence I’m only going to spend £100-£150 transcribing all my interviews and at the same time save myself circa 40 hours of monotonous work. Job done!

Note: This post makes it sound like I’ve been paid to promote Rev. I haven’t been. I couldn’t care less if you used this company or one of the many other companies who offer this service; just follow the principle of not transcribing your interviews = the only real point I wanted to get across.


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